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Monthly Meeting – Thursday, March 2nd: 7:00 – 9:00

Mike McMullen: Hurry Up And Start Making Your Money In New Construction

Ever wondered who is getting rich off of new construction? Ever wondered how exactly they’re doing it?

This March, SJREI is bringing you all the answers…and a way for you to get into the game, too.

Proven expert Mike McMullen, who hails from Alabama, gets big results and he’s bringing them all the way to San Jose next month.

Here’s a quick snapshot of why we chose Mike to lead our March meeting:

  • Mike maintains a real estate business in excess of $70 million per year
  • He was just recognized as Alabama’s 3rd largest residential home builder of 2016
  • He serves as CEO of his property management company – the largest in 4 states!

The above is impressive, but there’s even more. Mike is a seasoned, and time-tested, investor with a big portfolio that boasts over 100 single family and multi-families in addition to land developments and subdivisions.

You’ll get the information you need to get started right away:

• How to evaluate ANY market

• How to analyze your deals with McMullen’s proven method for uncovering which numbers really matter

• How to analyze your deals with McMullen’s proven method for uncovering which numbers really matter

• How to get the best of both worlds: invest for cash flow now and for appreciation over time

• How to surround yourself with the best: hiring, managing and firing builders

• And… all the “Gotcha’s” you need to know

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JumpStart Real Estate Essentials Workshop

Saturday, March 4th 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

JumpStart Real Estate Essentials Workshop is back by popular demand! The workshop provides actionable advice designed both for the novice real estate investor and for investors desiring the latest legal, financial, and practical knowledge.

It is designed to serve as a catalyst for savvy investors to easily build the strategies, relationships, and expertise they need to rapidly accelerate their real estate results.

The JumpStart experience is a day of pure EDUCATION, consisting of engaging real estate presentations by our hand-picked speakers. The workshop is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through every aspect of real estate investing.

And we will provide ample opportunity to network wtith the experts and other attendees who are local real estate investors and real estate professionals.

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Rehab Roundtable – Saturday, March 18th 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Presented by Lori Greymont

Turn our network’s expertise into your success. Working with experts who have been there and done that is the most potent form of clarity you can get. Sharing information and learning from the successes (and failures) of others is the most powerful things you can do as an investor.

What would you like to achieve?

In general, we achieve our goals by starting from the ground up. We start with the basics, and piece by piece we become experts. It’s time-consuming, for sure – but it doesn’t have to take forever…

Become an expert…by surrounding yourself with experts.

When it comes to success in investing, getting the whole picture first and then working with experts to figure out the pieces is key to progressing in a timely manner that works for your goals.

With SJREI’s exclusive new roundtable format, you’ll be working and learning alongside hand-selected industry pros who truly have the 411 on what to do, and what not to do, around niche (and winning) investment approaches.

You’ll develop your own winning strategies. Decisions will be easier to make: you’ll know what to commit to and what to avoid… who to seek out for guidance… and so on. You’ll be more confident and more prepared.

Deal-focused, interactive and organic, the SJREI roundtable will be strictly limited to 20 participants so all attendees will have the opportunity for personalized attention.

Join us for the SJREI Rehab Roundtable on March 18th from 9 AM – 4 PM

Topics include:
Evaluating the deal
Getting creative with funding your deal
Managing projects and contractors for success

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Our Investors Say

  • I attended my first meeting last week with Garrett Sutton as the guest speaker. I didn’t know what to expect. The drive from Hercules took me 2 hours. I’ve got to let you know that it was worth it. The meeting, atmosphere, people attending, and most importantly the guest speaker surpassed my expectations! Everything was perfect! The dinner was delicious. I learned some additional information on asset protection that I didn’t know. Attending the meetings will become a regular event for me.

    Donacin D.
  • Realtor and Investor Coldwell Banker — Downtown San Mateo Dear Geraldine, As a real estate professional and investor, I have found the SJREI Club to be a phenomenal resource.  It is clear that your focus is to truly educate your members and provide us with useful and timely information and tools that enable us to stay on top of the different markets and make wise investment choices.  I really appreciate that your club is so focused on education rather than vendors selling their ‘wares’.  You clearly are very selective with whom you elect to speak at the club which is truly invaluable to us. In addition to the educational component, the dinner meetings are also very fun!  I enjoy the networking time during dinner and have met some amazing people who have become not just colleagues and business contacts, but close friends as well. I’ve been on a few of the real estate tours and have found them to be extremely educational as well.  The rental properties that I have purchased while on those tours have proven to be wise and lucrative investment choices. Thank you so much for providing us with so many amazing and educational opportunities.

    Caroline Dinsmore
  • Geraldine, just want you to know how much I appreciate your ethics, business savvy, willingness to help and YOU!

    Maryann W.
  • Dear Geraldine, Thank you for fast becoming one of my favorite associations to be involved with. Since I’ve now been at this for 20 years, I know a great investment club when I see one. Your’s is nearing the top of the list for the simple reason of why your club exists. It should be obvious to every member that you care very much about their success and education. As an investor/educator, I can pick up very quickly why a club exists. Sometimes it’s to make the owner/promoter money; sometimes it exists to provide a service. You have chosen wisely and will always be able to attract people of value to your club. Sincerely, Bruce Norris

    Bruce Norris President, The Norris Group
  • I realized the benefits of networking when I joined SJREI approximately 6 years ago.  With the help of Geraldine Barry and SJREI I have been able to increase my business significantly.  The membership and education provided by SJREI is first class.  I have also had the opportunity to be a part of some of the educational events.  I am continuously recommending SJREI to my real estate investor clients.  SJREI has definitely changed my life.

    Accountant Richard Smith
  • The reason that I love SJREI is that they bring speakers and educators who are actually working in the business and doing deals.  They are not bringing you speakers who make their money selling books or products(like other clubs),  instead they bring you people who are active in the real estate investment business giving you tips and strategies  to succeed in today’s changing market

    Broker Investor, Tim Manke
  • SJREI is a great venue for new investors and seasoned investors, as well.  The quality of the education provided is top notch.  The speakers have diverse backgrounds and are experts in their fields.  In addition to the presentations, I find the discussion among the members to be incredibly enlightening.  There are so many ways to make money in real estate and SJREI exposes you to practically all of them.  I have repeatedly recommended SJREI to my clients and colleagues who own or want to own real estate.

    Attorney Nancy Chillag
  • I recently attending SJREI’s Women in Real Estate event and found the presenters to be very experienced, hands-on successful investors in their relative fields, and very willing to share their successes and failures openly.  The event was very well organized, offered a wealth of information while allowing a lot of time for networking and questions.  Great job Geraldine for all of the wonderful events that you put together!

    Investor Caroline Hegarty
  • At the height of the downturn, many people thought numerous real estate clubs would fold. Geraldine Barry and the team at SJREI defied the odds and opened more locations. It goes to show her and her team’s ongoing commitment to value, quality, content, and networking has really paid off in a big way.

    Aaron Norris VP of the Norris Group
  • Back in 2005 when housing prices were going up $100k in 6 months in our area, buyers were passionate about the future home equity growth and willing to engage in bidding wars, fearing that it would be even more expensive to buy in the future. However, one group was predicting the real estate market would crash soon and advised people to sell their real estate properties in AZ, CA, FL, and more. That group was SJREI.  My TV guest, Geraldine Barry, President of the SJREI, sold all of her investment properties in CA as well as her primary residence.   In retrospect, that was a very smart move as that was the peak of the housing market.  This is the kind of winning information that SJREI provides.  I wish I had taken action then.

    Local TV host Alicia Zhou
  • It is not unexpected that SJREI would be the winning contender for this honor. SJREI and their leadership have built an investor association model that places the success of members first.  This is not lost on these clients who in turn have rewarded founder Geraldine Barry with a growing membership when many other associations are just trying to survive.

    Andrew J. Waite Publisher Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine
  • Congratulations to Geraldine, founder of San Jose Real Estate Investors Association, for winning the National REIA annual award for Excellence for 2011.  This highly prestigious award is given to the REIA that demonstrates excellence in all areas of operation, from education to communication to community service. SJREI is the premiere Bay area investor association and caters to beginning and experienced investors alike.   I highly recommend this association for all level investors.

    Charles Fischer President of Central Florida Real Estate Investors
  • I have attended a number of “real estate educational events” over the years, some of which leave a lot to be desired, but I can say without reservation that SJREI is the real deal! They simply educate and connect investors. I have gotten into the game because of the information I have gained here. I really enjoy being a part of this organization because of the helpful relationships I have developed and the success that I have attained. I am not only an agent, but an investor now, thanks to SJREI!

    Elizabeth Tejada SJREI Association Member & JumpStart Attendee
  • I attended SJREI’s JumpStart program not knowing really what to expect, it was helpful, practical, and provided me with a lot of relevant information and contacts to start investing. I now attend all the meeting’s and really enjoy the content, and the relationships that I am developing there. Plus, these people are a lot of fun.

    Kevin Kaaha Real Estate Structured Sales & JumpStart Attendee
  • Geraldine and her organization have helped me immensely in my journey through Real Estate Investing. Being a part of SJREI has opened me up to so many networks of amazing people who have been there for me and helped me grow. SJREI has wonderful, knowledgeable speakers come to the meetings every month and I gain so much from being able to chat with them afterwards and speak to them in person with any questions that I might have. This organization is all about people getting together and being effective, and I really appreciate that! I feel like I’m part of something great! I attended the Jumpstart Program in July 2012 and it was just fantastic. A day full of learning about the ins and outs of Real Estate Investing, what to look out for, how to make the best deals, and how to protect yourself. I can’t wait for their next Jumpstart Program in September!

    Dhevin Tran Member of SJREI Association & JumpStart Attendee
  • Thank you for continuing to provide a forum for rookie real estate investors to get educated and network.  As a result over the past 11 years I have able to accumulate 9 houses in Fresno and Pittsburg area.  It is not the hundred of houses some speakers have, but because most are paid off, it’s enough to buffer the engineering day time job. Again, thank you for providing major parts of the puzzle

    Scott Pease Real Estate Investor & SJREI Attendee

SJREI wins National REIA Award of Excellence

Leading real estate investor community,SJREI Association,won a highly prestigious award-the National REIA Annual award for Excellence for 2011 for best overall Real Estate investors Association. he National REIA awards for excellence aim to encourage recognize and promote excellence and top performers in the real estate investor community service where among the criteria for success in the National REIA awards for Excellence.