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Private Lender Link operates an on-line directory of private lending companies and mortgage/property investment opportunities throughout the United States. We offer property investors, mortgage brokers and real estate professionals a valuable resource which gives instant, easy access to private & hard money lenders that offer a wide range of fast funding options which are not available by banks and institutional lenders. Companies listed on have a detailed profile page with all of their lending guidelines so you can just search, view profiles, and call or email each lender directly. With no registration or sign-up required our site, visitors can click through to the lenders they need in a matter of seconds. Since Private Lender Link was launched in 2010, tens of thousands of people have flocked to the site and connected with lenders. So come visit today and find the right fit for your deal or investment needs. You can also contact us to get some recommendations.

Rocky Butani Private Lender LinkPrivate Lender Link was founded, designed and developed by Rocky Butani – an entrepreneur who started his career in the real estate industry in 1998, while he was in high school. Since then he has gained experience in commercial and residential real estate sales, leasing, loan processing, real estate photography, property management, Internet marketing, and web development. He launched Private Lender Link in 2010, and it’s been growing in leaps and bounds ever since. Rocky is a friendly guy who loves meeting people and making connections. He has a vast network of real estate investors, lenders, and industry service providers throughout the country.

You can contact Rocky directly to tap into his network and learn more about private mortgage lending…

Rocky Butani
Private Lending Connector
Phone: 650-226-4277 Ext. 102

Office Address: 200 Main Street, Suite 200D, Redwood City, CA 94063
Mailing Address: 3145 Geary Boulevard #220, San Francisco, CA 94118
CA BRE License #01893537