Our Networking and Educational Meetings


Sep 2019

Bruce Norris

SJREI Monthly Meeting: 10 Decisions To Make Before The Next Downturn

7 PM

Bruce Norris, long-time investor, builder, and hard money lender is actively warning California real estate investors it’s time to start planning. Join us as Bruce shares ten decisions California real estate investors need to consider before the music stops


Sep 2019

Bruce Norris

SJREI Saturday Workshop: Cashing In On A Boom: Creating Value In A Tight Market

8 AM - 5 PM

Having difficulty finding deals? Are iBuyers in your market driving up pricing and your advertising rates? What are some of the creative ways to create deals when it gets harder to find them? Learn what strategies California investors are using in today’s market to find deals.

The SJREI Association was established in early 2002, and has quickly grown into an informative and vibrant group of real estate investors.

The monthly meeting is held on the first Thursday of the month and begins at 7:00pm sharp.

Monthly Meetings and most workshops are hosted at:

The Domain Hotel
1085 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone: 408-247-0800

Registration Policy

You can sign up for the meetings or workshops at  sjrei.org
Online registration will be closed by 12:00 pm on the day of the SJREI meeting
Please ARRIVE EARLY for required check-in as meetings begin PROMPTLY at 7:00 PM

Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes you will purchase a ticket and will not be able to attend an event. Please read the following refund policy before purchasing.

We do not offer refunds or credits if you are unable to attend an event after you have registered. However, for many events we have a videographer record the event and we make the recording available in our membership site. Our monthly meetings are recorded and available for our members to watch at a later date in the membership site. For most special workshops and training classes that we record, the videos will be made available free to all members and for a small additional fee for non-members unless otherwise specified. For more information email info@sjrei.org or call 408-891-2820.


San Jose Real Estate Investors Association (SJREI Association, LLC), its founders, members, or presenters, assume no liability or responsibility for the outcome of any real estate transaction, decision, or other action that any member, guest, or visitor, may enter into as the result of attending any meeting of SJREI Association, listening to any guest speaker, or talking to any SJREI Association member, guest, or visitor. SJREI Association in no way endorses any real estate offering that may be made. Members of SJREI Association, guests, and visitors are urged to perform their own due diligence investigations before entering into any real estate transaction or other contractual relationship.