• March 10, 2020
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

As a seasoned real estate agent and investor for the past 12 years, Tom Huong Tran has been involved with over 900+ transactions from traditional sales, REOs, Short-sales to buying FLIPS at Auctions. Tom began his Real Estate career at the age of 20 and starting working at a Century 21 Office in Sacramento with his two brothers Eric and David Tran.

During that time Tom started in 2007, the market took the biggest hit in history with 50% price drops and Tom struggled to find any clients to work with. For years, Tom questioned if he was in the right industry and wanted to quit, until he saw the opportunities with buying rentals. In 2009, at the age of 22, Tom purchased his first single family property for $120,000 (now worth $350k). With a mortgage of about $750 a month, Tom realized that this scenario will always make sense since he can rent it for $1,200 a month.

From then, Tom saw the power of real estate and started to buy more rentals + fix and flip opportunities in the low $100k and sell them off in the high $100k with minimal repairs. With the help of his MOM mentors Samatha and Judy, Tom continued to flip dozens of properties in Sacramento. As the REO inventory dried up and too many hedge fund buyers started to buy at full price in 2014, Tom decided to shift to a larger market in the Bay Area.

As a remembrance to Tom’s original partners and mentors, Tom teamed up with Tam Le and Ken Truong in the Bay Area to start a new FLIP company called Stronger Moms Properties because Tom wanted to share his knowledge with any new investors and especially all the MOMs out there to show that it’s very possible to balance a successful FLIP business while having time for the family just as his mentors did in Sacramento.

Now that the Bay Area real estate market is shifting, Tom adjusts with the market and started to focus more on buy and holds in the Bay Area with high cash flow potential.

Tom’s strategy is simple, buy houses over 2,000sf+ in high demand areas for under $1mil and add in the existing floor plans as many bedrooms and bathrooms as possible permitted by the city. Afterwards, Tom would fully furnished each bedroom and sign a month to month lease with each tenant ranging from $1,200 to $1,800. His latest project was a 3,600 sf duplex purchased in Redwood City for $1mil and plans to build out 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms with a potential cashflow of $1,500 x 10 = $15,000 a month!

Currently Tom and his partners owns 5 of these co-living type rental properties in Santa Clara, Redwood City, Pacifica and two in San Jose and he wants to share the possibility that you can even live in the rentals mortgage FREE! The co-living model is especially needed here in the Bay Area since home prices are still ridiculously high and most residents cannot afford to rent an apartment for $3k a month. Tom believes in affordable housing and wants to teach 1,000 more homeowners to be able to live costs FREE + provide affordable room rentals for local residents.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys 🍷happy hour + 🍣sushi with friends, the sounds of great music, babysitting his nephews and seeking adventures in nature.

Come connect with Tom and learn how you can maximize your returns in this dynamic real estate market:

  • How to find big SFR properties and buy low price per SF under $400
  • How to HOUSE HACK / Buy a House in the Bay Area and have the rents cover ALL or most of the mortgage to live costs FREE!
  • How you can own Bay Area houses under $1mil and gain high rents $5k-10k monthly
  • How to leverage hard money lenders to buy properties and then refi out all of our money out = BRRR Strategy
  • How to set up furnished bedroom rentals for under $1,000 per bedroom


50 West San Fernando Street, San Jose, California, 95113, United States