Thank you for fast becoming one of my favorite associations to be involved with. Since I’ve now been at this for 20 years, I know a great investment club when I see one. Your’s is nearing the top of the list for the simple reason of why your club exists. It should be obvious to every member that you care very much about their success and education. As an investor/educator, I can pick up very quickly why a club exists. Sometimes it’s to make the owner/promoter money; sometimes it exists to provide a service. You have chosen wisely and will always be able to attract people of value to your club.


Bruce Norris

Caroline Dinsmore |

Realtor and Investor

Coldwell Banker — Downtown San Mateo

As a real estate professional and investor, I have found the SJREI Club to be a phenomenal resource. It is clear that your focus is to truly educate your members and provide us with useful and timely information and tools that enable us to stay on top of the different markets and make wise investment choices. I really appreciate that your club is so focused on education rather than vendors selling their ‘wares’. You clearly are very selective with whom you elect to speak at the club which is truly invaluable to us.

In addition to the educational component, the dinner meetings are also very fun! I enjoy the networking time during dinner and have met some amazing people who have become not just colleagues and business contacts, but close friends as well.

I’ve been on a few of the real estate tours and have found them to be extremely educational as well. The rental properties that I have purchased while on those tours have proven to be wise and lucrative investment choices.

Thank you so much for providing us with so many amazing and educational opportunities.


I realized the benefits of networking when I joined SJREI approximately 6 years ago. With the help of SJREI I have been able to increase my business significantly. The membership and education provided by SJREI is first class. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of some of the educational events. I am continuously recommending SJREI to my real estate investor clients. SJREI has definitely changed my life.


The reason that I love SJREI is that they bring speakers and educators who are actually working in the business and doing deals. They are not bringing you speakers who make their money selling books or products(like other clubs), instead they bring you people who are active in the real estate investment business giving you tips and strategies to succeed in today’s changing market

Donacin D. |

I attended my first meeting last week with Garrett Sutton as the guest speaker. I didn’t know what to expect. The drive from Hercules took me 2 hours. I’ve got to let you know that it was worth it. The meeting, atmosphere, people attending, and most importantly the guest speaker surpassed my expectations! Everything was perfect! The dinner was delicious. I learned some additional information on asset protection that I didn’t know. Attending the meetings will become a regular event for me.


SJREI is a great venue for new investors and seasoned investors, as well. The quality of the education provided is top notch. The speakers have diverse backgrounds and are experts in their fields. In addition to the presentations, I find the discussion among the members to be incredibly enlightening. There are so many ways to make money in real estate and SJREI exposes you to practically all of them. I have repeatedly recommended SJREI to my clients and colleagues who own or want to own real estate.


At the height of the downturn, many people thought numerous real estate clubs would fold. Geraldine Barry and the team at SJREI defied the odds and opened more locations. It goes to show her and her team’s ongoing commitment to value, quality, content, and networking has really paid off in a big way.

Local TV host |Alicia Zhou

Back in 2005 when housing prices were going up $100k in 6 months in our area, buyers were passionate about the future home equity growth and willing to engage in bidding wars, fearing that it would be even more expensive to buy in the future. However, one group was predicting the real estate market would crash soon and advised people to sell their real estate properties in AZ, CA, FL, and more. That group was SJREI. My TV guest, Geraldine Barry, President of the SJREI, sold all of her investment properties in CA as well as her primary residence. In retrospect, that was a very smart move as that was the peak of the housing market. This is the kind of winning information that SJREI provides. I wish I had taken action then.


I recently attending SJREI’s Women in Real Estate event and found the presenters to be very experienced, hands-on successful investors in their relative fields, and very willing to share their successes and failures openly. The event was very well organized, offered a wealth of information while allowing a lot of time for networking and questions.